April 8, 2018 Marie Hayes 0Comment

It’s important to really look closely at essay requirements and no matter what your constraint is is the number of words be concise so get to the point and make sure that you are giving enough detail and you’re using enough vivid wordage that it’s still a powerful SI even within a 250 word limit if that’s what it is so being concise and whatever constraints you have within that sa being honest often times in admission every year we have will read essays in a red flag maybe someone is sharing something that just doesn’t seem like it could possibly be real we have a right with an admission to contact people at schools and to contact supervisors to contact coaches if we are questioning something we will most likely follow up and see if it’s true or not and so just make sure you’re being honest try not to fabricate something into something that it’s not because we don’t like I said you don’t need to have some kind of life altering or amazing international volunteer experience.

We just want to know you for who you are I’m in whatever context that might be so just being honest is something that is very important through this process be an individual so who you are is completely different in a lot of ways than anyone else who is living on this planet and who has ever lived we are all individual we are all unique in our own ways so why are you unique what makes you who you are what makes you tick and why should we be attracted to those qualities from a university or college side why should we consider you letting you into our institution so really focusing on who you are what makes you unique what do you have to bring to the table you know if we if we read your essay and we think wow this student has this amazing skill set and these qualities and these skills they could really help bring that to our student body and make us a better institution so those are the things that we’re looking for being coherent ok so this goodness side.

I can’t even say how many essays I read and I’m reading through it and I just don’t understand what’s going on it’s all over the place it’s just a zigzag right so the point is very unclear it’s disjointed the structure is messy and the development is lacking so just making sure that what you are writing is coherent right you’re actually addressing the prompt and your ideas are all connected you are starting off strong your conclusion is summarizing everything very well and so being coherent do not underestimate the power of that being vivid I’m so in just a moment I’m going to show you an example of a well written essay and i’m going to show you what that means to be vivid because i can sit here and i can tell you you need to be limited with your words but what does that really mean unless we can really see an example of what that looks like.