April 29, 2018 Marie Hayes 0Comment

While writing argumentative essay, you’re going to be looking at different sources they’ll probably have some overlap in them they probably both will talk about each other but you’re going to want a different focus for your sources depending on your research question and should illegal immigrants be offered in state college tuition or have access to Pell grants and federal money for college again very different than being deported both these questions might have to have sources that talk about being deported and talk about you know college education and the DREAM Act and things like that but there you want to make sure that your research question that you’re finding sources that deal with that particular question especially in some issues that are very broad to begin with like illegal immigration or technology or education. Find out what`s on to focus and how to do it at Edusson.

These are very big terms so how do we narrow their focus so the parameters of your research question to this it should be interesting to you that kind of goes with the Pete Holmes video that I showed you I do want it to be something that appeals to you and I feel like there are so many different topics in so many different fields out there that are debatable that you should be able to find something if you have any interests now I have encountered a few students in my time who through much consultation I cannot find anything in this world that they are interested in and if that applies to you then you might have to fake it till you make it but most students even if it’s something they think is non-academic like football or rap music or or marijuana then we can still find something out there that you can research and that is debatable so you do want to make sure that you have a debatable topic so sometimes students come up with topics and it’s hard for us to find a debatable angle they’re like well I’m really interested in sleep deprivation and I’m like okay so we can google that I mean we could try to see if there’s any debate about like the effects of sleep deprivation or you know what comes of sleep deprivation or something like that.

We can try but sometimes there are some topics that there’s just not a lot of debate about or they phrase their research question in a way that’s not debatable such as how to smoking affect people’s health well there’s not much debate about that most authorities agree that smoking affects people’s health negatively and in particular they have the consequences of things like emphysema lung disease and cancer similarly some people think there are debatable topics that are really not debatable when it comes to authorities even though in popular culture they are debated on things like the view or dr. Phil or something like that for instance one of the ones that students often seem interested in is you know do vaccines cause autism well authorities and studies have shown that they do not there is no significant statistical evidence to show that there is a link between vaccines and autism.