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Title: Hidden Empire – The Saga of Seven Suns

Author: Kevin J. Anderson

Publish Date: 2002

Publisher: Warner Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Space Empires, Fantasy Armed Conflicts, Spacecraft, Romance, Alien Encounters, Alien World, Artifacts, Adv. Weapons, Adv. Technology, Transporters, Religion, Lore, Alt. Societies, Robots, Asteroids, Comets, Gas Giants


Plot Summary:

Humans have spread out from Earth and when their first ships left orbit in search of new colony worlds, the ships were found and guided to suitable worlds by the Ildiran Empire.

A splinter group which had gotten off one of the colony ships in an asteroid belt thrived and became known as Roamers. These Roamers, along with another human colony on Theron, stand aloof of the demands of the Earth-based Terran Hanseatic League to join and become league members.

The league needed Stardrive fuel that the Roamers supplied, and they also needed the telepathic abilities of the Green Priests of Theron. And now the Ildirans are in the mix, also needing the Stardrive fuel.

But then, one of the Roamer mining facilities was totally obliterated and there is suspicion between the Earth League, Roamers, and the Ildirans. As more stations belonging to each civilization are obliterated, it becomes obvious that there is a common, hidden enemy…


Before Earth created the Terran Hanseatic League, Earth had sent eleven ships full of potential colonists to the stars in hopes of them colonizing and spreading humanity throughout the stars.

Years later, most of the ships were found by the Ildiran Empire and the Ildirans guided the ships to suitable colony worlds. One of the ships stopped in an asteroid belt to replenish their stocks of raw materials from the asteroids, and some of the colonists chose to stay there in the asteroid mines and begin their lives again there. Those colonists became the Roamers. They learned to harvest Stardrive fuel from the hydrogen in the atmosphere of gas giant planets like Jupiter using orbiting mining platforms.

When those platforms begin to be destroyed, it threatens not only the Roamers, but the Ildirans and Hanseatic League because they lose their platforms, too, to an unknown enemy that attacks and completely destroys, leaving no survivors.

The Therons have Green Priests that can communicate via sentient trees throughout the galaxy and news between the Green Priests travels instantaneously. As the priests tell the trees of the events taking place, every other priest learns of them as well. And more and more of the mining stations are being destroyed.

Two archeologists are researching artifacts and deserted cities of an ancient, extinct race called the KliKiss, trying to find out two big unknowns: What happened to the KliKiss, and why were the memories of their robots erased? Why weren’t the robots destroyed when the KliKiss disappeared?

How could the Roamers, Therons, Ildirans, and the Terran Hanseatic League stop the unknown enemy from killing millions?