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And finally, what will happen to them all if the sky mines are all destroyed and no more Stardrive fuel can be made?


There were a lot of different things going on at the same time during the course of this book, and it clearly was not meant to stand alone as several major plotlines were left unresolved at the end of the last chapter.

Where each plotline was told and read, there was a new chapter, a new character to read about. For an experienced Sci-Fi reader, it was not too bad to follow as the characters played their roles. But, losing track would be easy for a newer reader.

It is important to note that the title does, in fact, warn any would-be reader that this novel is only ‘Book One’, implying that it is incomplete. Even so, the ending left you wondering, “Why stop here?”


The author does a good job describing the main characters of the novel and helping us to follow their progress through their part of the main story.

As technology is introduced in the story, it is presented with enough back stories to make it credible and believable. No one technology seems out of place to the others.

The primary theme of the expansion of humans in the galaxy is held throughout the novel, and even the Ildiran Empire acknowledges that theme several times, reinforcing the growth and expansionism of Terrans.


It’s a little hard to quantify how one really feels about focusing chapters towards individual character events. Each chapter is a part of a character’s story line, and they are all intermixed so as it seems each chapter you’re bouncing to another person, in another part of the galaxy.

Even though this is still titled “Book 1”, it doesn’t stand alone and leaves at least four storylines in the ‘cliff-hanger’ category, which requires you to purchase the next book in the series to continue following the story. This book was like a season of a television series, with the season finale just hung out there and expecting us to tune in next season.

And while we’re mentioning multiple storylines, even though there is a main theme of humans wanting to colonize and spread to as many new worlds as possible, there are no less than five other strong storylines that make the overall ‘feel’ of the story a bit crowded.

You have a female apprentice Green Priest that is infatuated with a main leader of the Ildirans; there’s a clan of Roamers that is out for revenge; Theron has just replaced their Earth ambassador; the king has no heirs but a ‘prince’ is kidnapped and his family assassinated; two Xeno-Archeologists are searching for the reason that the KliKiss race has vanished; Some hidden enemy is destroying sky mining facilities galaxy-wide; and so on, and so on…